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The Geronimo Breach
Russell Blake
5 star thriller
From the corridors of Langley to the sweltering jungles of Panama, from the hills of Pakistan to the cocaine trails of Colombia, a clandestine scheme to preserve a terrible secret goes horribly awry, plunging a reluctant hero down a deadly rabbit hole of deceit and betrayal, while raising disturbing questions about the media, the war on terror & its linkage with the war on drugs, & the nature of reality in an age of sound-bites and photo ops.

Cynn Chadwick
5 star literary fiction/humor
As The Table Turns introduces us to a bevy of quirky Southern characters, from Dixie’s cranky daughter, dramatic sister, flamboyant brother, and demented daddy, to a once secret beau who has Dixie’s own bosom heaving, instead of her most infamous character and nagging muse, Mary Nell Dupree. A rollicky roll through the Shenandoah valley, this journey of coming home brings a rich and poignant reconciliation between mother and daughter, family and home, and a long ago romance that sparked it all.

Ignition (Librarian)
Rick Dearman
5 star epic fantasy
The City of Ettengard is under siege. The Library has been given an impossible mission, the Head Librarian and the Chief Mage have been poisoned. Ranperen and Tantia the young students must make their way across a war-torn country to find a cure and to save the library from destruction. Inside the city the clashes between the thieves guild and the beggars are becoming bloodier as the war causes unrest and rebellion. And a mysterious group of conspirators are trying to bring back the glory days of the defeated and evil Empire.

Big Leagues (A Cat McDaniel Mystery)
Jen Estes
5 star chick lit/humor/mystery
Save for the scheming coworker, Cat has everything she ever wanted … until a star outfielder’s heart stops. Suspecting that his death was no accident, she starts nosing around, becoming the newest player in an extreme game of hardball. Will Cat become the next member of the team to be taken out of the lineup?

One Insular Tahiti (a novel of reincarnation)
Thea Atkinson
4+ star contemporary/literary fiction
Luke MacIsaac is dead, and not restfully dead. His death has come the way he always feared it would: in the claustrophobic, underground heat of a Cape Breton coal mine. He had suspected it would end this way, had embraced it even, so while his body is buried, his soul settles into a watery existence of endless waiting. In his confusion and pain, he senses a kindred spirit in Astrid, a newborn struggling to stay alive. Luke helps her in hopes she may one day be the one who brings him out of his purgatory and into a new incarnation.

Paul Fenton
5 star dark comedy thriller
They say everyone has a novel in them. Luca Pope had five, until they were stolen from him. He sets out to track down and corner the plagiarists, to extract answers and confessions – if they’d just stay alive long enough to oblige. Urged on by a sense of righteous outrage and an inner voice named Hodges, Luca departs his career of salaried apathy to pursue the life which has been brazenly stolen from him: successful novelist … or failing that, serial killer. WARNING: This book contains strong language.

Mandate 33
Nick Lombardi
4 star dystopian fiction/thriller
In the fictitious country of Corpopolis, under the rule of a dictator, a new law is passed. The law says that only citizens carrying government-issued parenting licenses are legally allowed to bear children. Any child in the custody of adults without a parenting license will be eliminated. This law comes to be known as Mandate 33.

South of Bixby Bridge
Ryan Winfield
4+ star drama/romantic suspense
Destined to reach the silver screen, this fast-paced first novel by Ryan Winfield is much more than a Hollywood hit–it’s a gut-wrenching and ultimately uplifting story that grabs you from the first line and won’t let go. With more twists than California’s Highway 1, the intimate narrative follows a young man on a wild month-long ride to the dizzying, drunken heights of Napa Valley excess and down again through a phantasmagoria of hedonistic hell.
Warning: This novel is an unfiltered account of a young man’s struggle to overcome addiction and it includes some graphic language and adult situations.


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