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The Secret Keeper (The Secret Keeper Series)
Brea Brown
5 star contemporary fiction/chick lit
Peyton Stratford is her family’s unofficial keeper of all things secret, from the petty and mundane to the potentially life-changing. Only when she starts to keep a few secrets of her own does her family begin to realize there’s more to her than a sympathetic set of ears and a tightly closed mouth.

Gareth S. Young
4 star psychological thriller
Emmy Watson is losing hope. After three long weeks, her daughter Scarlett remains missing and the FBI have slowly removed themselves from the search, leaving an impotent Sheriff’s department no closer to solving the kidnapping. Her heart broken and her nerves frayed to their ends she hires Doyle, Sheriff Reid’s main suspect, forcing the town’s Boogieman out into the daylight.

Fearless Heart
Gail Cauble Gurley
5 star literary/historical fiction
The Blairs are stranded in New York after the market crash of 1929. Robert walks to the river docks each day, seeking work to feed his wife Ellen and their four year old son Stephen and pay the $8.00 rent for the slum in which they live. Their faith and courage are tested as they struggle.
He provides a small Christmas for his family but then the dock work shuts down and he is desperate to find work of any kind.

Northern Cross
Christopher Hudson
5 star action/adventure
A happy marriage, a lovely home and a brilliant future as a private pilot – George Ashton seems to have it all…including twenty-five years of guilt from a college caper gone murderously wrong. When his past catches up with him in the sinister form of Brady Keyes, who’s looking for a pilot to fly a very special and highly illegal mission, it’s soon clear that his visit is not just about sharing old times.

The Loss of Sunlight
Lia Black
5 star contemporary romance/fantasy
Sylvie believes she is the perfect modern image of a southern belle. She has a fabulous boyfriend, fashionable career aspirations and everyone is always so eager to help her when she runs into a problem. But her problems were never quite as bad as dying before, and now her biggest problem is trying to keep Aidan Pope, a devilishly handsome man–who insists on calling her by another woman’s name–from ruining her perfect life.

Freud’s Revenge
PJ Adams
5 star suspense
Two knife wounds–one to the groin, one to the hand impaling him to the desk–suggested somebody definitely wanted the guy dead. In this Amanda Carlisle Mystery set in posh Del Mar, California, empath Amanda Carlisle and detective Nick Caswell find themselves in a race with a nearly invisible psychopath.


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