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Rogue’s Hollow
Jan Tilley
5 star suspense
In a place where legend and unspoken truth have been hidden for centuries, how much longer will it be before the secrets are revealed? The deceptions are frightening, but the truth is terrifying…
Malachi Chidester runs the Old Mill General Store in Rogue’s Hollow. Many secrets hide in the dungeons of his past, but he must confront the unknown before the truth may emerge.

DETOUR TO MURDER ( A Jimmy O’Brien Mystery Novel)
Jeff Sherratt
4 star suspense
In 1945, the semi-nude body of a woman is found in a two-bit Hollywood motel, a telephone cord wrapped around her throat; face frozen in a grimace of horror. Al Roberts confesses and has spent the last 29 years in prison.

The Delta Chain
Iain Edward Henn
4 star mystery/thriller
The body of a young woman is washed ashore on a secluded beach. She does not fit the description of anyone on Missing Persons lists. Fingerprints, dental records and DNA provide no leads. Detective Adam Bennett discovers a pattern of similar cases – unidentified bodies found along the coasts of Australia and the United States, and he is determined to solve the puzzle. These are six young men and women who seem to have never existed.

Millennium Slave Part I
Sijuan King
5 star suspense
Trust is a costly thing, a thing only fools can afford…
New York City, NY, 2003: As the newly appointed CFO of one of the world’s leading financial firms, Charles Allen Hart was living the good life. With his promotion, he is offered an eight-day Caribbean cruise aboard the company’s luxurious 200-foot yacht, and eagerly accepts. Sailing with him are some of the company’s rising stars, but more importantly, Trudy Henderson, the love of his life. The night she agrees to marry him, life couldn’t get any better. Two nights after the yacht leaves New York Harbor, it mysteriously disappears into the Atlantic. After an exhaustive search, all passengers are declared dead.

Murder Behind The Closet Door – The Wildwood Paranormal Mystery (Detective Bill Riggins Mysteries)
Christopher Pinto
5 star horror/mystery
“A 5-Star rated murder mystery – ghost story full of adventure, the occult, and dark souls, Murder Behind The Closet Door is an excellent novel for anyone who appreciates Noir fiction, Mickey Spillane-style mysteries and a Stephen King-style thriller wrapped up in one truly original, well told story.”

Aaron Dietz
5 star contemporary/literary fiction
Do you need a new job? Does the world need another superhero?
You see the connection, don’t you? If you had the chance to save lives…could you handle the adventure? The pressure, the risk, the grotesque, the insane? Most of all, could you handle your humanity? Update your resume, ‘cause here we go. Either stick with being sucked down further into your life, or earn the lift-off of the elite.

Prayer at Rumayla: A Novel of the Gulf War
Charles Sheehan-Miles
4+ star literary fiction/war
Nineteen-year-old Chet Brown arrived home from the Gulf War in the spring of 1991 and found that, for him, the war was only beginning. Betrayed by his friends and lover, ignored by his family, Brown travels across the country in search of meaning behind the horrors of his war.


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