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.99 Thriller from a Bestselling Author!

Reckless With a Bonus Excerpt
Andrew Gross
4 star thriller
This special bonus edition contains the complete novel and bonus material and brings a savings of $8!

Gross’ latest thriller starts with a crime that isn’t supposed to happen—the murder of a family who live in a storybook town in Connecticut. The murder is almost written off as a burglary gone bad by the local police force, but Ty Hauck, a former lieutenant with the force (and a former NYPD detective), now an investigator for a global-securities firm, is drawn to the case when he learns that the murdered woman is a former lover of his. The male victim, Mark Glassman, was the chief equities trader at a top investment bank. Hauck has the motivation and the expertise to connect the dots on a case whose blood doesn’t just collect around the victims but also pools into a global terrorist conspiracy. Gross’ pace and plotting move nicely from shock to shock. His descriptions, unfortunately, are unfailingly trite—every noun has an adjective, every party is “lavish,” every place is “exotic,” every school is “prestigious.” James Patterson fans (Gross coauthored five thrillers with him), old hands at focusing on plot not style, will find much to enjoy here. – Booklist


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