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How Not to Save the World (A Remi Austin Adventure)
J. Yinka Thomas
4+ star contemporary fiction
Remi Austin is a fundraiser for the African Peace Collaborative (APC), a conflict resolution nonprofit founded by her late mother. Frustrated by her inability to raise funds and faced with the imminent closure of the APC, Remi turns to a life of crime to keep her nonprofit afloat.

Veronica’s Nap
Sharon Bially
4+ star contemporary fiction
Veronica Berg has everything she needs to make her dream of becoming a painter come true: a charming home studio in Provence, a hard-working husband and a nanny who watches her two-year-old twins. Yet instead of painting she spends her days secretly indulging in lengthy naps. When her Moroccan-born, Sephardic husband grows impatient and challenges her to sell one painting, Veronica must find a way to break out of the seductive rut that’s overtaken her life.

Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out
Pandora Poikilos
3+ star contemporary fiction
Being diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, her world starts to fall apart, one piece at a time. Now dumped, her four year relationship is nothing but a memory filled with pictures, thoughts and a very broken heart. Her job becomes an even further challenge as she tries to hide her condition. Her friends suddenly have more important things to do, what is a party without a party girl? Perfect could not crumble any faster.

Taking Out the Trailer Trash
Janice Ivy
4+ star cozy mystery
Who is killing people at the Happy Times RV Park? Charlene intends to find out, with the help of a senior citizen ex-madam, a fugitive from the 60s, and a good-looking cop with a shady past.

Glenn R. Petrucci
5 star historical fiction/adventure
Timecachers is a high-tech adventure story that transports present-day characters to the Cherokee Indian Removal of 1838. While conventional historical accounts of this period may be factual, this story attempts to present a pragmatic and heartfelt glimpse into the minds and hearts of those affected.

The Eve Tree: A Novel
Rachel Devenish Ford
4+ star literary fiction
When Molly’s ranch is threatened by a nearby forest fire, she realizes she will do whatever she can to save it, even at the cost of her fragile mental stability.
Jack, Molly’s husband, will do whatever he can to save Molly. He alone knows the true cost of the breakdown she had, sixteen years ago.


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