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Remembering August (Triple C Ranch Saga)
Rodney V. Earle
4+ star contemporary fiction
Our story begins on a hot, hung over, August Sunday morning. Colleen is training a young filly, when the horse suddenly goes crazy and nearly tramples her to death. From nowhere, a mysterious cowboy appears in the dust and saves the day, and then disappears before Colleen gets the chance to thank him. Colleen is rushed to the hospital where she meets August Riley, a woman with a troubled past, and Leah, a nurse with a heart and the knowledge of how to use it. The first installment of the Triple C Ranch Saga follows Colleen’s journey through recovery, where she learns more than she ever bargained for.

Not My Kid …
Mary Billiter
4+ star contemporary fiction
What happens when a reporter covering a lead crime story realizes her son is a suspect? For journalist and single mom Megan Reilly, the discovery of her teenage son’s secret life throws her own existence into turmoil. When Austin is arrested for shoplifting and becomes the prime suspect in a series of bomb threats at the local middle school, Megan’s immediate response is, “Not my kid.” What does it mean to be a good parent? How far should a mother go to protect her child?


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