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FREEBIE Mix Part 1

The Red Rooster
Michael Wallace
4+ star historical fiction thriller
Of all the desperate women in German-occupied Paris, Gabriela Reyes is the least likely to scratch out her survival as a whore for a Gestapo agent. After fascists murdered her mother and brother and tortured her father in an insane asylum, she hates the Germans as much as she fears them. But when she discovers the man responsible for destroying her family, she decides to become his mistress to try to free her father and avenge her family.

4 Gigs of Trouble
Stella Baker
5 star mystery/thriller
Toni Teitelbaum is a former US Marine MP, a curvy six-footer with a fondness for designer clothing and handguns. She is also a high school history teacher, supervising a class visit to Washington. When a student bolts off the path near the Lincoln Memorial, Toni chases him into the foliage, where she finds more than her wayward student. A man has been shot, left for dead in the bushes. He appears homeless and drunk, jabbers craziness and dies in her arms. The police say it is typical street violence. Toni knows better.

Hose Monkey (Joe Serpe Mystery)
Reed Farrel Coleman
4 star crime fiction
Joe Serpe, an ex-NYPD detective, lives a barren life driving a heating-oil truck and mourning his fireman brother, a victim of 9/11. When a developmentally disabled young man who had been working for Serpe’s employer turns up dead, the ex-cop’s guilt leads him to begin a private investigation, aided, ironically, by the retired Internal Affairs officer, Bob Healy, responsible for Serpe’s departure from the force.

The Garment of Destiny
Thomas Thonson
Unrated literary/contemporary fiction
When Eli Steadman, a mixed-race student raised by a white family, fakes a hate crime on a college campus so that he can win the student body presidency, he sets off a firestorm of events that reverberate through many people’s lives with unexpected consequences. The controversy alienates Eli from his family and renders him vulnerable to a web of competing agendas by a cast of self-serving and craven enablers –– both black and white. Soon he has betrayed almost everything he believes in. Set in a small Colorado mountain town in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina playing out on television screens all across the country, The Garment of Destiny is a novel that turns a gimlet eye on the landscape of American life. Along the way it finds both dark comedy and tender tragedy, and is sure to be as controversial as it is riveting.

Faded Lives
Edward T. Vaughan
5 star thriller
Have you ever wondered if the stories from your family’s past were really true? When Mark Stephens takes a week long trip to visit his elderly grandmother, Emily Goodman, he is confronted by the reality of his family’s secret past. She reveals how her father Frank’s desire to control her life and the lives of her family members made them virtual prisoners.


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