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FREEBIE Mix Part 2

The House That War Minister Built
Elahe Dayton (Author), Andrew Dayton (Author)
5 star historical/literary fiction
The book follows Nargess’ sprawling clan and a supporting cast of dozens, through nearly 90 years of Iranian collective life. From the country’s early modern history under British hegemony, through the time of the shah, the novel traces Iran’s entry into the modern Middle East. Then, from domestic and foreign perspectives, the authors dictate the revolutionary transition to the reign of the ayatollahs in the 1980s and 90s. The closing movements leave us at the brink of the present as they capture the cultural and political intricacies of life in post 9/11 Persia.

Dale Roberts
4 star mystery
Life as detective Alex Mendez knew it came to an abrupt end two years ago with the murder of his wife. Now he is raising his teenage daughter alone. The demands of his job and the fact that his wife’s case remains unsolved have been a strain on both of them, but now a new case threatens not only what’s left of their fragile relationship, but their very lives. When three local women are brutally raped, the case consumes Alex. His daughter, feeling abandoned, unknowingly befriends a looming shadow from Alex’s past.

Ain’t No Sunshine
Leslie DuBois
4+ star contemporary fiction
Though it is against the law in 1960s Virginia, Stephen Phillips wants to marry his colored neighbor, Ruthie. Growing up in a physically abusive home, his love for Ruthie was the only thing that helped him survive. Instead of giving in to social and family prejudice, Stephen decides to fight for love. And it’s a fight that could lead to murder. Racism and revenge darken this psychological drama set against the backdrop of the segregated South.

Felix and the Frontier
Chester Burton Brown
4 star sci-fi/adventure
Felix is a sentient robot explorer, mapping the distant fringes of the galaxy ahead of a wave of pioneers. He has been programmed to discover complex life, and to introduce himself on behalf of his human masters. But nothing in his program can prepare Felix for what he faces when he finds a world with masters of its own.

A Black Journal
Joseph Forbush
Unrated, new release fantasy
Ciardha Nyilas, the legendary drow hunter, sworn to spend his entire life hunting the god-cursed beings who live beneath the earth. The black journal he carried with him through two years of bloodshed, his trials and tribulations, his war with himself. But the world changes around him as he comes to a new land, where his moral foundations are challenged, his enemies close around him, and his whole concept of who he is falls apart.


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