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Black Scars (Blood Skies, Book 2)
Steven Montano
5 star epic fantasy
Something ancient has awoken. Primordial and wholly evil, a living shadow emerges from a prison made weak by the magical cataclysm called The Black. Now the Sleeper stalks the land in search of its old enemies, leaving a trail of madness and destruction in its wake.

Dark Passage
Griffin Hayes
Unrated horror
Every time Tyson Barrett closes his eyes, the nightmares return. Nightmares so horrifying he hasn’t slept a wink in months and the strain is threatening to tear his life apart at the seams. When his best friend, Skip Williams, suggests an underground drug trial, Tyson jumps at the chance. Noxil will stop the nightmares without a single side effect.

Dressed for a Kill
Brian Bianco
4+ star suspense
To Chicago Trib reporter Miles Fischer, it was just another rape and murder trial, until the two convicted felons are found dead from a crossbow, in the muddy parking lot of a rundown bar just days after their surprising acquittal. His curiosity turns to suspicion after searching the archives where he discovers two more cases similar to the one in Tweeksbury. Is it a coincidence? Miles doesn’t think so.

The Serial Artist (The Relativity Detective Series)
George Finney
4+ star crime fiction/mystery
Some cops are willing to bend the rules when it comes to catching criminals. Detective John Ressler is no different, except the rules he bends are the laws of physics.
The Serial Artist is a gritty detective novel about the hunt for a serial killer who leaves his own original works of art at each of the crime scenes as a calling card. Paintings, sculpture, music. Nobody can explain how he does his art so quickly, often in locked rooms.

Andrew McCoy
4+ star thriller
K116 is the top-secret US chemical weapon that spells instant agonizing death to mankind. Self-generating in water, only a nuclear blast can stop the deadly dust expanding. But when a lethal cloud of K116 escapes from a military research lab, one man survives. Charged with nightmare energy, Ribicoff becomes a walking carnage-machine.


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