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Is Dieting Right For You?
Sam Dan
5 stars
Many women wonder which diet is right for them? We all want to lose weight, but we all like to eat, so what can we do? There are diet plans all over the place, on television, radio, in stores and online. Books like the South Beach Diet and The Atkins diet are very popular and the promise of slimming down fast with us. When I started dieting, the big question in my mind was the same, what diet is right for me?

Grow Your Own Tree Hugger: 101 activities to teach your child how to live green
Wendy Rosenoff
5 stars
Teach your kids to be eco-conscious and spark their imagination with 101 interactive science, food and craft-based activities in Grow Your Own Tree Hugger. Each of the activities in this easy-to-follow book includes step-by-step instructions you can use to pass on sensible sustainable living behaviors your child will understand and enjoy. Among the 101 activities to choose from:
-Teach pesticide-free pest control by hosting a special event to release ladybugs into the garden
-Create a new tie-dyed T-shirt or easy-sew beach bag from recycled garments and accessories
-Explore alternative energy by making a solar oven that really works


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