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FREEBIES for your Fire!

Endless Road
Kristin Chambers | Format: MP3 Download
5 stars, pop/rock, 5 songs

ChefTap Recipe App
by Mindframe Design
5 star APP
ChefTap automatically imports your favorite recipes from any web site or blog, without copying and pasting. ChefTap uses an advanced artificial intelligence engine specifically designed to find recipes on any English language web page. With ChefTap, you’re no longer limited to the major corporate recipe sites. Have a favorite food blog? No problem; ChefTap will import those recipes too and give you a link to the original post in case you want to refer back to it. When it’s time to cook, ChefTap displays recipes in an easy-to-read format. ChefTap can keep you organized in the kitchen so you can spend more time with family and friends.

Brain Teasers
by Michael Quach
4 star APP
Enjoy hours of intriguing and entertaining brain teasers in this fun app. You will find challenging riddles to solve, fun math tricks to ponder, and tricky word plays to quiz your friends.
Note: This application is supported by advertisements.


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