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Paper Bridges: A Novel
Joel Portice
4+ star mystery
A political murder unleashes decades-old secrets and discoveries that stretch across a major midwestern city to a desolate Indian reservation. Following the assassination of Minneapolis Mayor Jack Sorenson, Agent Kellen Roberts is assigned to the investigation.

Tested by Fire: He Sought Revenge. He Found Life | A Riveting Story for First Responders
Pat Patterson
5 star action/adventure
Paramedic Jim Stockbridge doesn’t need God, he’s a fighter, and as far as he’s concerned the world is his toy. But when he responds to an EMS call in the ghetto and finds his best friend brutally stabbed and shot, he suddenly realizes he’s in for the fight of his life.

The Butterfly Legacy
Dr. Kathleen Marie Rice
5 star historical mystery
July 1952 is teenaged Raleigh Buchanan’s last vacation on Country Pond, New Hampshire, where for the previous two summers he and an Irish boy had traded notes. Feeling the familiar rush of intrigue, Raleigh removes the kid’s latest note from behind the ceramic half-moon tacked above the cottage door. The note contains a riddle half-written in Gaelic. Mystified and irritated, he puts the note away with other childish things – soon to be forgotten.
Twenty-six years will pass before Raleigh, now a Boston police detective, realizes that the note holds clues he needs to solve a murder; and that it contains the key to his true heritage, which began with star-crossed lovers a century before he was born.

Tender Death (A Smith and Wetzon Mystery, #2)
Annette Meyers
Unrated mystery/suspense
Wall Street headhunter and former Broadway dancer, Leslie Wetzon, uncovers a stock tendering scam run by stockbrokers and the Russian mob after an elderly woman acquaintance is murdered. A blizzard brings New York City to a halt, but doesn’t stop Leslie from pursuing the murderer, even if it means her life is in danger.

Robert W. Walker
5 star suspense/horror
Tortured and mutilated, the witches of Salem went screaming to their deaths. For almost three hundred years their souls writhed in exquisite agony, helpless to act. Then the boy came. He was young, trusting… receptive to their boundless hatred; an empty vessel waiting to be filled with the burning poison of their revenge.


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