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Believe in Me: A Teen Mom’s Story
Judith Dickerman-Nelson
4+ stars
Written for teens and adults, Believe in Me: A Teen Mom’s Story traces the emotional journey of Judith, a cheerleader and honors student at a Catholic girls’ school in Massachusetts. When her 17-year-old boyfriend, Kevin O’Brien, gives her a diamond ring the summer before her senior year, she feels as if her life is perfect. But her pregnancy changes everything. Kevin’s parents don’t want him to start a family at such a young age, and Mrs. O’Brien tells Judith to get an abortion. As a Catholic and an adopted child, Judith must look within her own heart and decide what to do.

The Pig in the Pantry and Other Homeschool Tales
Rose Godfrey
4+ stars
Rose Godfrey weaves together a delightful collection of stories about homeschooling life in this collection of essays adapted from her column, “Learning at Home.” From raising baby chicks in the kitchen to driving cross-country with a van full of children to inviting friends over for Science Daze, the Godfreys have tried just about everything and lived to tell the tales.

Ice Journey A story of adventure, escape and salvation
Dave Morgan
One 5 star rating
Ice Journey is the biography of Vietnam veteran Dave Morgan, whose long career in meteorology culminated with a life-changing expedition to Antarctica.


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