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April 1st FREEBIE Mix, no fooling!

Murder on the Rocks (Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, No. 1) (Gray Whale Inn Mystery)
Karen MacInerney
4 star cozy mystery, Agatha award nominee
Worried about the birds, the inevitable transformation of the sleepy fishing community, and her livelihood, Natalie takes a public stand against the project. But the town board sides with Katz. Just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, Natalie finds Katz dead. Now the police and much of the town think she’s guilty. Can Natalie track down the true killer before she’s hauled off to jail…or becomes the next victim?

Wadi Dogs
Richard Shehane
5 star literary fiction/war
A Marine is shot in the head and just days later an Army medic takes a round to the neck. An insurgent sniper is terrorizing the city. After only a few days in Iraq an elite platoon of Marine scout-snipers are assigned their first mission. The men must search house after house, room by room to locate the elusive terrorist, but after several months of hunting the platoon’s medic begins to lose his grip on reality. In order to survive Andrew must battle not only a merciless insurgency but his own inner demons as well.

The Naked Room
Diana Hockley
5 star mystery/thriller/suspense
When classical pianist Ally Carpenter goes missing during a night out with friends, the implications stretch far beyond her disappearance. Veteran detective, Senior Sergeant Susan Prescott, believes that sexual predators may have abducted Ally. However, after two women with connections to the Carpenters are murdered, she realises there may be more to the crime than at first thought.

Introducing the Richest Family in America
David Drum
4 star contemporary fiction/humor
High in the hills above fashionable Montecito, California, slipping in and out of their mansions on Swizzle Stick Road, a ridiculously wealthy family is under seige. A crooked lawyer, a beautiful Chinese pro golfer, and a celebrity-crazed plastic surgeon conspire to convince a wealthy family’s clueless old patriarch to move his factories to China.

Whose Hand? (A Skeeter Hughes Mystery)
Judith Yates Borger
5 star mystery
When a flustered fisherman pulls a hand from Minneapolis’ Lake Harriet, then loses it back to the depths, newspaper reporter Skeeter Hughes finds herself caught in a swirl of mystery and adventure in her search for the deceased owner.

Human Sister
Jim Bainbridge
One 5 star rating, literary fiction/sci-fi thriller
Human Sister is the story of a prodigy, Sara Jensen, the granddaughter of Professor Severn Jensen, one of the world’s leading experts on conscious artificial intelligences, who, with his wife, raises and homeschools Sara on their beautiful California vineyard. Sara’s family also includes a secret fourth member—her illegal bioroid brother, Michael, whom she helps raise and who was made by her grandfather in part from Sara’s neurons and other cells and who is capable of accessing her thoughts and affections.


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