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Foodie Freebies from The Cheap Chef!

These titles were posted this morning on our new Facebook page The Cheap Chef!

Cake Mixes Cookbook (Gooseberry Patch)
Gooseberry Patch
Get a taste of Gooseberry Patch in this collection of over 20 favorite recipes made with cake mixes! Make dozens of different treats from a store-bought cake mix with the scrumptious ideas in Cake Mixes! Try baking up a pumpkin coffee cake, peach-berry cobbler, caramel layer brownies, peanut butter chip cookies and more.

50 Quick and Easy Hamburger Recipes
Rachael Gray
Two 5 star ratings
Most of the hamburger recipes use ingredients that are already in your pantry, making prep time cut short since you don’t have to run out to the store. The quicker the recipe, the better.

Every Recipe is the Story of My Life: Vin Cotto/Spiced and Sugared Wine
Alessandra Andrisani
5 stars
An Italian professional chef and painter looks back on her childhood in South Italy, pairing ancient and unique family recipes and anecdotes with exquisite oil paintings of the fresh ingredients that spark her memory.


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