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Bayou Jesus
M.G. Miller
5 star Southern gothic literary fiction
Frank Potter, a young, divinely inspired black man, and Samson Boudreaux, a white man of great power and greater weakness, live in a house of haunted women. And when the possibilities of miracle surrounding Frank become all too real, a tragedy of Christ and consequence unfolds in the American Deep South during the years of the Great Depression.

The Linebacker’s Wife (Murray & Michaels Lawyer Series)
Michael S. West
5 star legal thriller
Soon after former real estate lawyer Ryan Michaels leaves his prestigious Atlanta law firm to join wild and unpredictable attorney Alex Murphy in his small criminal law practice, a former colleague asks him to defend a beloved professional football player from a potential murder charge. Ryan and Alex race the clock to prove that their new, famous client is innocent of murdering his beautiful and intelligent wife before he loses everything, including his well-crafted clean-cut image.

Time Out Of Mind (The Bannerman Series)
John R. Maxim
4+ star historical fiction
Every time it snows, Jonathan Corbin sees people and scenes that haven’t existed for 100 years. Is he being haunted or has he lost his mind? Sturdevant, the psychiatrist his girlfriend Gwen brings in, has another explanation: Jonathan is in the grip of “genetic memory,” in which ancestral recollections, like physical characteristics, are genetically inherited. With Gwen and Sturdevant’s encouragement, an engrossing saga unfolds, conceiving love, greed, and murder in 1880s New York.

What Women Are Made Of (A Thriller for Women)
Ivee Olivares
5 star thriller
On the night of her big break, artist Cecilia Hunt, meets a wealthy, older man, Leonard Maxwell. An avid art collector, Maxwell takes special interest in her to the disapproval of his ex-lover, the beautiful actress, Annabel Richardson. The morning after Cecilia has dinner with him, Maxwell is found dead. Murdered. And Cecilia, the last person to see him alive, suddenly becomes prime suspect.

Vestal Virgin (Suspense in Ancient Rome)
Suzanne Tyrpak (Author), Blake Crouch (Foreword)
4 star historical fiction/romantic suspense
Elissa Rubria Honoria is a Vestal Virgin–priestess of the sacred flame, a visionary, and one of the most powerful women in Rome. Vestals are sacrosanct, sworn to chastity on penalty of death, but the emperor, Nero, holds himself above the law. He pursues Elissa, engaging her in a deadly game of wits and sexuality. Or is Elissa really the pursuer? She stumbles on dark secrets. No longer trusting Roman gods, she follows a new god, Jesus of Nazareth, jeopardizing her life and the future of The Roman Empire.

Marrying Missy
Sarah Elle Emm
5 star contemporary fiction
Tate Sullivan is in a fix: her best friend, Missy Martin, is getting married.
With constant criticism from Missy Martin, Buckhead heiress and bride-to-be; stress from her intense nursing job; and a short-temper on the rise from her high-powered, attorney husband, Georgia-native, Tate Sullivan is engaged in the ultimate balancing act.


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