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Watercolor in Bloom: Painting the Spring and Summer Garden – FREE

Watercolor in Bloom: Painting the Spring and Summer Garden
Mary Backer
5 stars

Painting pretty, prized flowers is easier than you think!

Using an uncomplicated palette and simple techniques, Mary Backer shares the secrets behind her prize-winning watercolor flowers. From first strokes to final touches, you’ll learn everything you need to know to paint brilliant orange poppies, plump peonies, graceful lotus blossoms, classic roses and other garden favorites.

Features an exciting variety of flowers and compositions, from individual flower studies to more elaborate, mixed arrangements.
12 full-length demonstrations take you from first sketch to final brush stroke.
Illustrates step-by-step watercolor techniques for achieving luscious color, complementary backgrounds and dramatic, up-close compositions.
Plus a unique acrylic finishing technique that makes colors really pop.

Experienced and novice artists alike will revel in the inspiration and easy-to-follow instruction inside. Watercolor in Bloom makes painting flowers as pleasurable as a stroll through the garden!


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