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Nonfiction FREEBIE Mix!

Wanderers & Nomads: True Stories of Eccentric and Wild Explorers in the Americas
Stephen R. Bown
Wanderers and Nomads is a collection of fifteen true stories of historical adventurers and travelers in the Americas.

Rise, The: Streamside Observations on Trout, Flies, and Fly Fishing
Paul Schullery (Author), Marsha Karle (Author, Illustrator)
5 stars
Even after centuries of observation, anglers are still trying to solve the mysteries of that magical instant when a trout takes a fly. The Rise, based on recent scientific research into trout feeding behavior and the author’s extraordinary photographic studies, provides many new clues.

Night Stalks the Mansion: A True Story of One Family’s Ghostly Adventure
Harold Cameron (Author), Constance Westbie (Author)
4+ stars
This true story recounts a Philadelphia family’s encounter with a supernatural presence in their eighteenth-century mansion. After experiencing footsteps at night, opening doors, strange sounds and activity that centered around the library, they investigate, unearthing the mansion’s tragic past and changing their beliefs about the supernatural world.

Simple Circles: An Exercise Program for Seniors & Their Families
Howie Bell
5 stars
Simple Circles is a simple yet complete exercise program for sedentary seniors who are not practiced in any regular exercise in their daily routine. This program of 10 easy-to-perform exercises can be implemented by virtually by any senior and completed in about 10 minutes a day to regain or maintain flexibility and range of motion.


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