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Math Blender (A Free Puzzle Game for Kindle)

Math Blender (A Free Puzzle Game for Kindle)
by Amazon Digital Services
5 stars

Oh no, your homework fell into the blender… the Math Blender! Test your math skills as you try to find all of the equations that have been scrambled by the blender.

In Math Blender you are given five to nine scrambled tiles, each containing a number, an operator or an equal sign. Your goal is to find all of the possible equations for each puzzle. The game board shows a list of the possible answers with the numbers hidden, but with the operators and equal sign revealed. Some of the equations require every tile, but many will not.

The 100 puzzles are categorized by the type of operations they contain, which may include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or some combination of these. You can solve the puzzles in any order you choose. If you get stuck on a particular puzzle, you can view the solution from the menu. You can also shuffle the tiles for a fresh look at any time.

If you like math puzzles, you will love Math Blender.


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