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Hidden in Paris — The Cookbook
Corine Gantz
4 stars
By the author of Hidden in Paris, a playful cookbook filled with step-by-step recipes of the kinds of meals French people really prepare and eat at home. Originally created for the readers of the novel Hidden in Paris, this cookbook features twenty delicious dishes described in the novel, mouth-watering photography of food (and of Paris!) excerpts from the novel, and funny stories.

Bread Baking Recipes & Secrets
Angela Taylor
4+ stars
Inside this book, you’ll find:
– 9 Recipes of a range of breads — from the common to the more exotic.
– The exact 8 tools and equipment you need (and some nifty, nice optional ones as well)
– What are the exact ingredients that go into your breads and how to pick the best ones
– A step by step guide to actually making bread

The Crock Pot Slow Cooker Bible (Cooking Essentials)
The Crafty Cook
5 stars
The book is split up into sections, the first section walks you through the process of selecting the ideal slow cooker for your needs, then explains how best to use it to produce great tasting results again and again. The next seven sections are the recipe sections, split up into main categories


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