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The Secrets of Married Women
Carol Mason
5 star contemporary fiction
How well do we ever know our husbands, our best friends, or even ourselves? Jill is about to find out when she faces infidelity and the truth head on…

Small Town Unwound (Dr. Delta Grayson)
Kim Karter
4+ star suspense
Delta Grayson may be Leighton, Alabama’s only medical doctor, but she’s not the only serial killer.

The Lies Have it (Sasha Jackson Mysteries)
Jill Edmondson
5 star mystery
It’s election time in Toronto, and this year’s mayoral race is hotly contested. However, private investigator Sasha Jackson is more focused on bondage than ballots. After a wild night at a fetish party, a man Sasha had briefly met is found murdered near Cherry Beach, the whip marks on his back punctuated by two bullet holes.

Tabnit Gisgo (The Gisgo Chronicles)
M.D. Eyre
5 star historical fiction
Here presented for the first time in print- unchanged and, more importantly, uncensored- are the memoirs of Tabnit Gisgo: spy, informer and occasional purveyor of fine wine and figs to the gentry of Athens. His astonishing recollection of skulduggery, dissembling and lust takes him from the death chamber of Alexander the Great in Babylon to the banks of the River Nile, where a desperate battle takes place that will decide the future of the ancient world…


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