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Circle City Blues

Susan Wells Bennett

4+ star contemporary fiction

When the love of his life leaves him for an online knight, Declan “Mac” MacDougal moves through the seven stages of grief while crisscrossing America: rescuing damsels, advising the lovelorn, reading fantasy fiction and trying to decide where he wants to pull off the road and live his life again.

Blue Fall (The Tournament #1)

B. B. Griffith

5 star action/adventure

“There was a time…long ago, when whole nations, entire races of people, pinned their hopes and futures on individual warriors. Whole wars were won and lost on the outcome of a single battle between heroes. Entire countries were moved. Empires rose and fell…”

In Blue Fall, that time has come again.

Hound Dog Blues

Virginia Brown

One 5 star rating on this cozy mystery

She’s Named After A Motorcycle. Her Dad’s An Elvis Impersonator. Her Mom Talks To Spirit Guides. Someone’s Kidnapped The Family Dog—Named King, in Elvis’s Honor. There’s a Ransom Note.And Then Things Really Get Weird. Memphis tour guide, Harley Jean Davidson, is about to enjoy a rare day off when her parents call with news that King, their border collie, has been dognapped.

Revenge of the Assassin (Assassin series #2)

Russell Blake

5 star mystery/thriller

Revenge of the Assassin is the blistering sequel to the bestselling international thriller King of Swords. When El Rey, the super assassin responsible for Latin America’s most spectacular hits, returns to Mexico for one final sanction, the race is on for Captain Romero Cruz of the Federales to stop him before he can fulfill his contract to kill the president.


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