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Fifth Column
Christopher Remy
4 star historical thriller
Public fears are high that foreign agents are among us, waiting for the order to strike. A divided America is debating whether or not to go to war. The FBI and police, scrambling to thwart any attacks, round up the plotters. Experts declare that our intelligence capabilities are insufficient and that a new agency must be created.
The year is 1941.

Surface Tension (Seychelle Sullivan)
Christine Kling
4+ star suspense
Salvage boat operator Seychelle Sullivan has a good reason to rush to the rescue of a beleaguered yacht: an old flame is the hired skipper. Complicating matters, though, is the dead body onboard.

For The Helpless (Detective Kelly Lowe Series)
Lori Boggs
5 star action/adventure
Metro Homicide Detective Kelly Lowe is working the case of a lifetime. In pursuit of a sadistic killer bent on revenge, Kelly must stop him before his latest kidnap victim becomes his most recent homicide. Two young girls have already been brutally murdered and Kelly’s team is working against time to find the killer before it’s too late.

Rabbit in the Road
Oliver Campbell (Author), Danika D Potts (Author)
5 star suspense
In 1966, there is a record store clerk who loves her life just the way it is. One night on a train, she meets her soul mate, the man who is the key to unlocking her latent ESP, something she never thought possible. She will spend the next 14 years of her life trying to get away from him by any means necessary.


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