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Women Who Dared: Trailblazing 20th Century Musicians
Susan Fleet
5 stars
Violinist Maud Powell and trumpeter Edna White challenged the gender bias women faced in the male-dominated 20th Century music world. Maud was the first instrumental soloist to record for RCA Victor in 1904. Edna gave the first solo trumpet recital in Carnegie Hall in 1949. At a time when most women stayed home to raise children, they traveled the world, thrilling millions with their performances. Their personal lives were turbulent. Maud defied her mother to marry the man she loved. Edna left her first husband for an opera singer. Observe the blatant racism of the 1893 Chicago
World’s Fair. Learn how early recordings were made. See vaudeville through Edna’s eyes and experience the hardship she faced during the Depression when she and her teenage son had only hard-boiled eggs to eat. No matter if you’re 10 or 110, this 50 page book is full of revelations you don’t want to miss!

The Adventures of Bindi Girl: Diving Deep Into the Heart of India
Erin Reese
4+ stars
Packed with plenty of spicy curry, cows, and comedy, Bindi Girl takes us on one heck of a wild ride across India. From Dharamsala and the Dalai Lama to ashrams, yoga schools, and meditation melodramas, Bindi educates and entertains as she goes. We discover the Hindu deities, the tourist trap mafia, and the beach havens of the hippie trail. From “Guru Disney” to the holy hell of Varanasi, Bindi’s got us clamoring for more masala chai all the way.


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