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Cocktails, Caviar and Diapers – FREE

Cocktails, Caviar and Diapers
Renee Duke

A tale of an amazing life, a voyage of self-discovery and ultimately release, set against a glamorous life of splendor amidst the rise of the jet-setting age of the 50s and 60s.

Living in various overseas postings, we follow Andrée Magnus’ path from the early seeds of self-recognition in Puerto Rico; to a blossoming in Venezuela; finding courage while living in Paris, France; and ultimately freeing herself from the bonds of an unhappy relationship. We see the scenery through her eyes, from the fetid tropics of Latin America, to the streets alive with art and revolution in France, to the chilling snows of northern Europe.

This novel is autobiographical, from a woman who truly lived her life completely, as a fine artist, poet and writer. Her perspectives and pathos are deep and stirring, the imagery bold and vivid.

About the author
Renee Duke (1927 – 2010) was a writer, poet and fine artist. A graduate of Harvard College, she continued her education in Paris, earning the equivalent of a Masters in Fine Arts at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts. She lived all over the world, including Canada, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, France, Belgium, Denmark and her native United States. Throughout her travels, Renée raised six boys. She was a reporter for Women’s Wear Daily and other Fairchild publications, and in the early sixties, wrote a column for the International Herald Tribune. Renée sketched and painted throughout her life and had one-man shows in Paris, Boston, Caracas and Los Angeles.


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