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7 FREE Mystery and Thriller Titles!

Director’s Cut (Maddie Pryce Mystery Series #2)
Keri Knutson (Author), Susan Branham (Author)
4+ stars
Old Hollywood is on a crash course with the present when a 60-year-old film turns up in an eccentric ballerina’s attic. The lost film is set to premiere at Maddie Pryce’s theater in a matter of weeks in what the L.A. Times refers to as “the hottest ticket of the summer.” But someone is disposing of people close to the movie and it doesn’t give Maddie any comfort that she happens to live in the disgraced director’s house, the same place he was found at the end of a noose in 1943.

Perfect Killer
Lewis Perdue
4+ stars
Not many thrillers end with a bibliography of several dozen actual nonfiction books, but Perdue’s prodigious and intriguing new novel (after 2004’s Slatewiper) has one—plus appendixes that are probably fiction because they include quotes from the novel’s star players. Dr. Bradford Stone, “legendary Marine recon operative turned healer and scientist,” makes it his business to find out who’s behind a massive secret plan to turn the drug Xantaeus loose on a reduced but much more effective army in places like Iraq—especially after the love of his life, a black activist in the Mississippi Delta country, is killed by a female sniper involved in the conspiracy.

Death of a Serpent (A Serafina Florio Mystery)
Susan Russo Anderson
4 stars
At a high-class house near Palermo, three women have been knifed to death, their foreheads slashed with a strange mark, their bodies dumped on the madam’s doorstep. Rosa summons her friend, Serafina, and asks her to catch the killer.

Skin Deep (Simeon Grist #3) (Simeon Grist Mystery)
Timothy Hallinan
5 stars
The six Simeon Grist private-eye novels by 2011 Edgar and Macavity Award nominee Timothy Hallinan have become cult favorites and are now available for the first time since the 1990s. For a fee so big he can’t turn it down, Grist is hired to watchdog the kind of guy he’d usually prefer to throw through the nearest window.

Let Us Prey (Book 1, Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries) (Gotcha Detective Agency Series)
Jamie Lee Scott
4+ stars
Mimi Capurro is trying to put her life back together after the sudden death of her husband. Using the skills she learned as a secret service agent, she runs the Gotcha Detective Agency, along with her skilled computer forensics partner Charles Parks. Gotcha specializes in executive protection (bodyguards), and tailing cheating spouses.

City of Darkness (City of Mystery)
Kim Wright
5 stars
City of Darkness takes place in 1888 London, where Jack the Ripper roams the streets with impunity and Scotland Yard seems helpless to stop him.

KILL ALL THE LAWYERS (Solomon vs. Lord)
Paul Levine
4 stars
It all starts with a 300-pound marlin stuck in Solomon’s front door. Prank? Threat? High tide? Even by South Florida standards, this registers as weird. Soon, celebrity shrink “Dr. Bill” shows up. Just out of prison, he blames Solomon for his manslaughter conviction involving the death of a patient. Victoria Lord is used to her law partner and lover cutting corners to win. But Dr. Bill claims Solomon tried to lose!


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