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Confessions of a Single (Irish!) Mother
Marisa Mackle
One 5 star rating
An honest account from a real-life single mother of a cute, but naughty little boy (aged three!). This is a non-fiction book about the ups and downs of single motherhood. Fun, thought-provoking and very relatable. Marisa Mackle is an award-winning newspaper columnist and author of the number 1 bestseller ‘Mile High Guy’.

Life Lessons from a Baker’s Dozen: 1 Mother, 13 Children, and their Journey to Peace with Alzheimer’s
Kerry Luksic
4+ stars
While growing up in an Irish Catholic family of fifteen, life was often chaotic for young Kerry Lonergan. Yet through it all, her mother was the source of calmness, juggling everyday living with the patience of a saint and the efficiency of an engineer. Full of humor, drama, and inspiring pearls of wisdom, this story is a tribute to Bobbie Lonergan, an amazing mother who raised thirteen children and who now struggles with Alzheimer’s disease.


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