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Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Danny Gillan
4+ star contemporary fiction/humor
As if dealing with the suicide of her clinically depressed husband wasn’t difficult enough, to Claire Rivers’ amazement one of the biggest record companies in the country suddenly wants to offer him a contract. When his ‘status’ is viewed as only a minor inconvenience, she begins to wonder if someone, somewhere, is playing a very distasteful joke on her.

Vada Faith
Barbara A. Whittington
5 star Southern contemporary fiction
When Vada Faith answers an advertisement in a local newspaper for a surrogate mother, she believes all her dreams are about to come true. She’s always wanted to be known as “somebody.” Somebody besides a high school beauty queen in the small town of Shady Creek, West Virginia. Somebody besides the wife of football hero, John “Wasper” Waddell. More than the mother of twins. More than the town’s most sought after beautician, in the shop she owns with her twin sister, Joy Ruth.

Kate’s Killing (Judge Wilhelmina Carson Series #4)
Diane Capri
5 star legal thriller
“Fast-paced legal thriller…energetic prose…an appealing heroine…clever and capable supporting cast…[that will] keep readers waiting for the next Willa Carson mystery.” Publisher’s Weekly

This Time You Lose
Chris Stralyn
5 star suspense
What would you do if street thugs invaded your home? What if you’re a daycare provider, caring for a dozen children at the time? Lisa Kaamp, a most unlikely heroine, faces just such a nightmare in This Time You Lose, the suspense driven story of one woman’s struggle to survive when she and the children she cares for become victims of a home invasion gone terribly wrong.

The Lighter Side of Large
Becky Siame
5 star contemporary romance/humor
What happens when Bella, an overweight single mother, finds out her ex-husband is getting married to her gorgeous sister in nine months?
She orders a double mocacchino and plots her revenge.

Deadly R&R
Ruby Vines
5 star romantic suspense
Shay Reynolds was raised solely by her father and abandoned by her mother at an early age. Old enough now to take the reins of her father’s business, R&R Advertisting in Palm Springs, Florida, she’s about as happy and as successful as a modern woman can get without a mother. Engaged to handsome Chase McMillan, an anchor on the popular national morning television show in New York City with her ads regularly nominated for the prestigious Clio Awards, she’s a woman accustomed to life handing her roses. Her good fortune takes a nose dive when her fiance dies mysteriously.

The Divorce Club
Jayde Scott
4+ star romantic suspense
A bitter divorce from a two-timing husband leaves Sarah with no money to fend for her daughter, but she won’t be beaten, so she opens The Divorce Club, a meeting place for women who want to divorce their cheating husbands, but don’t know how. Soon things start to go seriously wrong.


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