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While You Were Dead (Black Fire)
CJ Snyder
5 star romantic suspense
When Kat discovers Max is alive her carefully constructed jigsaw puzzle life is torn to pieces. But an old enemy has been watching…waiting to strike. As the danger mounts, she has nowhere to turn but to Max. She can trust him with her life, but does she dare trust him with her heart?

Murder is a Family Business (The Alvarez Family Murder Mystery series)
Heather Haven
4+ star humorous mystery
Just because a man cheats on his wife and makes Danny DeVito look tall, dark and handsome, is that any reason to kill him? The reluctant and quirky PI, Lee Alvarez doesn’t think so. But the 34-year old ½ Latina, ½ WASP and 100% detective has her work cut out for her when the man is murdered on her watch.

Blind Love (Donatelli Series)
Sue Fineman
5 star romantic suspense
Catherine Timmons comes up with a new television reality show with a twist, but before she can develop the show, she’s called home to take care of her father, who was injured in a fall. His latest bimbo, the woman who caused the fall, won’t leave the mansion, so Catherine has to call the security company to evict her. Tony Donatelli helps her remodel the house to accommodate her father’s wheelchair, and Catherine realizes he’s the perfect bachelor for her show.

Lies of the Prophet
Ike Hamill
5 star suspense
Lynne’s new job seems simple enough. All she has to do is look at dead people and spot the ones who might come back to life. Ever since Gregory burst out of his cheap coffin at his own funeral, you can’t trust a corpse to stay dead.

The Twisted Ones
Vin Packer
Unrated thriller
These were nice kids, model kids. They didn’t wear leather jackets and roam the streets in “wolf packs”; they didn’t steal and mug for dope. For kids, they were well-mannered and quiet. They were attractive and nicely dressed. You’d have welcomed them as next-door neighbors.
Yet…one raped, one murdered, one killed by fire.
What got into them? What dark thoughts tormented them when they were alone at night?


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