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2 FREE Historical Fiction titles from the same author!

After The Rising
Orna Ross
4+ stars
[Note: After The Rising is the prequel to ‘Before The Fall listed below‘]
CAN WE EVER ESCAPE THE PAST THAT MADE US? When Jo Devereux returns to Ireland after an absence of 20 years, the last thing she expects is to end up writing a family history. Growing up in Mucknamore in the 1970s, with her village riven by the divides of a previous time, Jo found family pride brought her nothing but heartbreak and loss.
Now, unearthing seventy-year old secrets of love and revenge in a time of war, and a killing that has haunted three generations, she begins to understand why.

Before The Fall
Orna Ross
4+ stars
In 1923, Dan O’Donovan, an Irish Free State soldier, was found dead in the notorious sinking sands at Mucknamore. Was he a victim of the ‘War of The Brothers’ that has been tearing this village apart ? Or lured to his death for other, more personal, reasons?
Now in 1995 and Jo Devereux has returned to Mucknamore from San Francisco, having fled the village twenty years before. Pregnant and troubled, Jo is now determined to uncover the silence that surrounds her family history.


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