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Billy Bones…releasing soon from David H. Burton! Giveaway CLOSED!

Our friend David Burton is releasing a NEW book and he’d love to celebrate here on the Cheap with all of you! David will give 25 .mobi copies away to celebrate this release! Comment below, telling us why you love David’s work or why you love great books for kids ages 9-12 for your chance to be a lucky winner and get a copy before it hits Amazon! 
*Please realize, if you are chosen,  that David is giving you a file that is compatible with your Kindle. You will need to load it onto your Kindle to read the book.

Billy Bones: Beyond the Grave
Meet Billy Bones.
He’s dead.
Finding himself in the Afterlife, ten year old Billy must wait to be recycled back into the Livingworld. Meanwhile, he’s stuck trying to figure out how he’s supposed to survive in this backwards existence where sunlight burns, the dead are living, and the memories of his past lives are stored in a secret book.
The problem is that Billy’s has been stolen, and now he has to find it and discover why the dreaded Reaper is after him.
Choose for Billy and help him find his way through the Afterlife in this new “Choose-Your-Own-Demise” novel.

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16 thoughts on “Billy Bones…releasing soon from David H. Burton! Giveaway CLOSED!

  1. Good luck to everyone!! 🙂

  2. Liz Woods on said:

    I have a grandson that I think would enjoy this book. Thank you for the chance to get this for him.

  3. Katie on said:

    I’m always looking for good books for my 2 girls to read. This looks like one they’d love!

  4. I love choose your own adventure books and this one looks like a lot of fun. And I could read it to the kids while we drive across the country on vacation. I think they’d love it!

  5. Leann Karsnak on said:

    Dear David,

    Hi How have you been? It’s been a “minute” since I spoke with you on your FB page. Timeline has either unliked you from my end or something?! [so, I went and subscribed again.] Anyway, so happy that you’re coming out with another winner for kids of “all” ages. [Will “50” do? LOL]

    A few of your other books are waiting, impatiently, to be read by “Yours Truly”. I was busy this past week celebrating my “BIG ‘5-0’ List”. It began with my 50th [May 21st] and being on a Matt Damon film set here in PA, all the way through this last weekend, ending with my little niece’s 6th! Pretty soon she’ll get to the age where I can pass on your “captivating” babies to her; however, her older siblings will just have to do! LOL!

    Have to cut this short for now! 😦 Would love for you to consider me a recipient of your newest “baby” into your category of my “Must Read” collection! 😀 Thanks for considering me, and your other, loyal, fans from the KotC Blog, a part of The Cheap, too! We love it when you stop by!! 😀 Keep Writing! Be Happy!! 😀

    Always the Best!

    — Leann 😀

  6. David you have great books not only does my granddaughter enjoy them but so do I.

  7. Sirhijinx on said:

    I’d love to let my daughter read it!!

  8. pam rosensteel on said:

    My grandson would love this

  9. Tiffany on said:

    The kids at my school would totally love this book!! They could read it on their iPod touches during free reading time 🙂

  10. The giveaway is now closed and we will be providing contact information so you can get in touch with David to facilitate the transfer of your file!

  11. Everyone gets to win a copy!! 🙂

  12. Leann Karsnak on said:

    Thank You, David! Glad everyone is a winner! Have a good one, Everybody! 😀

  13. Thank you David I know I will enjoy the book and so will my granddaughter.

  14. I think April is going to post this, but for everyone who commented, please send me an email at david@davidhburton.com and indicate that you won the mobi (Kindle) version and I’ll get it out to you.

  15. CHRIS COOK on said:

    Nooo! I hate I missed this! 🙂

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