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FREE 5 star Memoir of a Teen Mom

Diary of a Teen Mom
Carisa Bisagno
5 stars

This book is not about abstinence. It’s not about being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. It’s not about finger-pointing or blame. It’s about facing a situation (the situation) head on and making decisions about it and what happens to you and your child in the future.

It’s about you. First, let me share something about me. I’m the girl who got pregnant in high school.

Sixteen, pregnant, lonely and depressed and having to look constantly at yourself in the mirror (and inside your head) for nine months. That was beyond hard. You have all the regular emotions a teenage girl has and then throw on top of that the emotion of a pregnant woman. It was unreal, and not fun.

It took me a while but I learned that the negative looks and comments; the negative stereotypes used to categorize pregnant teenage girls did not define me, as a person, and it sure didn’t stop me from creating a life of beauty and promise. But feeling and going through all these things is normal. I went through it and many other young girls have. The important thing is to not let it paralyze you and keep you from making good decisions about yourself and your baby.

It is not the end of the world, and in fact, can be the beginning of a new one for you.

This book will help you discover that for yourself!


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