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On Little Wings
Regina Sirois
4+ star literary fiction
When Jennifer finds a dog-eared photograph of a freckled girl, she never dreams the innocent picture will tear open a gaping wound to her mother’s secret past.
Jennifer must leave her home, parents, and best friend in the wheat fields of Nebraska and travel to the rocky shores of Maine to find the aunt she never knew she had. Her search for the truth is distracted by the strange and hilarious characters in the tight-knit town of Smithport.

Waiting for the Lady
Christopher G. Moore
4+ star contemporary fiction
Waiting for the Lady is a vivid novel of political and personal intrigue that draws on today’s news and the author’s fabled knowledge of the region. It is full of passion and heartache, laced with an intimate understanding of Southeast Asia’s human and physical geography.

Jessica Barksdale Inclan
New release YA dystopian fiction
PRIME is set in a flooded world where global warming and other natural disasters have forever shifted the balance in society. It is up to a reluctant heroine to help right it. Lia Meloy is learning to swim, even though it’s outlawed for her kind. Lia is a Homesteader (nicknamed a “Norm”), meaning her ancestors stayed on dry land when the floods hit, but eventually had to seek help and shelter from the Aqua Primes, who had developed better biology and technology for an oceanic world.


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