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The Secret Art of Self-Development: 16 little-known rules for eternal happiness & freedom
Karl Moore
4+ stars

Stop being a seeker – Start being a finder!
Self-development is an amazing quest. It’s the desire to find your own freedom and happiness. It’s about letting go of limitations, and learning how to live successfully.
This book is a series of 16 simple “pep talks” for that self-development journey.

Impossible: The Manifesto
Joel Runyon
5 stars
Impossible is a challenge to push your limits, live a life worth writing about and do the impossible. More than anything though, it’s a challenge to stop waiting around for life to happen and do something. Anything. What do you think is Impossible? Do that.

The Happiness Quest: How to Be Happy
Madison Bradford
5 stars
Let’s face it; we all just want to be HAPPY! Our actions, thoughts, dreams and desires are all based around finding happiness. Do you consider yourself happy? If not, it’s time you went on The Happiness Quest. This book analyzes every aspect of happiness and it unveils simple steps you can take on your journey to contentment and joy. You will explore the connections between happiness and money, relationships, your career and much more. Learn to tap into your inner “happy self” and how to change other people’s perceptions of you.


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