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The Pantry Cleaner: Chemical Free Cleaning
Mysti Reutlinger
5 stars
Convenience comes at a high price, both physically and in dollars, when purchasing commercial cleaners. Chemicals found in cleaners can cause ringing in the ears, shortness of breath, painful rashes, liver and kidney damage, and cancer. Our homes can appear clean, but are polluted with many different toxins. It is possible to have a clean home without using harsh cleaners; utilizing items all safe to eat and breathe – that save hundreds of dollars per year.

Weekend Homesteader: May
Anna Hess
4+ stars
Do you dream of homesteading but only have a bit of time each weekend to work on your projects? This e-book series introduces a simple but powerful project for each weekend of the year to start you off on the path to self-sufficiency. May projects include:
Planning your summer garden (with tips on the easiest vegetables to grow)
Making a kill mulch (and why no-till gardens are healthier)
Planting your summer garden (with information on when and how to plant)
Making a rain barrel (to collect free water for your garden)


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