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THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF QUEENS (The Regal Rules Series, Part Two)
Arabella Kidd
4+ stars

What are the Regal Rules?

How do you capture the lead role in men’s imaginations? Be the envy of all women?
From Arabella Kidd comes the sequel to How to be the Heroine of the Pedestal; The Secret Language of Queens, a remarkable journey of regal self-discovery to get your blue blood flowing.
Seriously – never complain, never explain? What do Princesses know that commoners don’t? Master the art of Aloof Kindness? Make a Park Avenue Princess look like curd next to the cream?
When the hapless ‘would-be-regal’ Elisabeth Bank meets five extraordinary women, the great secret is uncovered. The Way is about to surface and what better place to find your inner Queen than in the South of France?

Discover the Secret Language of Queens and make it yours. Discover the Regal Rules.


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