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New Mom’s Guide to Dealing with Dad, The (New Moms’ Guides)
Susan Wallace (Author), Monica Reed (Author)
One 5 star rating
A healthy and loving marriage is the start of a happy child and a harmonious home. But how can you navigate these new roles, make time for each other, and keep the love alive – all while caring for a new baby? The New Mom’s Guide to Dealing with Dad helps moms understand the special pressures that new dads feel. It shows how you can help your husband find his own fathering style, how the two of you can stay connected during those chaotic days, and how you can put each other first. You can do this!

Toddler Discipline Solution: The Quick and Easy Steps for Raising a Well Balanced Child (Baby & Parenting Books)
Margaret Rousseau
5 stars
In this Book, Bestselling Parenting Author and Researcher Shows you:

How to Discipline with Love, not Anger
The Secrets to Disciplining Stubborn Children
How Toddlers See the World
How to Encourage Good Behavior and Discourage Negative Attention Seeking
What Triggers (and How to Defuse) Public Outbursts
How to Use Encouragement and Not Shame and Raise a Well Balanced Child

Become one of the rapidly growing number of families who have decided to take the first step towards a peaceful and happy household, TODAY!


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