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THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes series)
Mike Dennis
4+ star thriller
“A relentlessly fast-paced conspiracy thriller…Mike Dennis does a terrific job of revealing the seamy side of Key West.” — HEATH LOWRANCE, author of The Bastard Hand

Drinking with Dead Women Writers (Drinking with Dead Writers)
Elaine Ambrose (Author), AK Turner (Author)
5 star historical fiction/essays
Essays on drinking with Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Erma Bombeck, The Bronte Sisters, Willa Cather, Emily Dickinson, George Eliot, Margaret Mead, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Margaret Mitchell, Carson McCullers, Flannery O’Connor, Sylvia Plath, Ayn Rand and Virginia Woolf.

Good Cop, Dead Cop (An AfterNet Mystery)
Jennifer Petkus
5 star mystery
Alex Munroe hated being dead, but he hated not being a cop even more. Luckily the discovery of the afterlife means death isn’t quite the disability it once was and new technology has allowed him to partner with rookie cop Linda Yamaguchi. Of course technology still can’t give him a physical body or the ability to interact with the billions of other dead people, except through the Internet.

Granny Theft Auto
T. L. Haddix
Unrated new release romantic suspense
What happens when a lovable, gray-haired, shoplifting granny takes a police car for a spin in Leroy, Indiana? Cruise on over and find out. “Granny Theft Auto” is a short story, only five chapters in length, and perfect for a short break or lunch. It’s a quick spin-off of the Shadows collection of Romantic Suspense novels. Enjoy!

River Ghosts
B.R. Robb
5 star mystery
This thought-provoking mystery from the pseudonymous Robb, whose first novel, The Widow’s Son, was published under his real name, Bruce Steinberg, examines a racially motivated hate crime with a terrifying twist. Hidden under a table, eight-year-old Richard Hill witnesses 18-year-old Henry Clayton, who sports a swastika tattoo, rape Richard’s white mother, then murder her and his black father at his parents’ home in Red River Falls (evidently located near Chicago). Sixteen years after Henry is convicted, new DNA evidence gains him a governor’s pardon and release from prison.

When Pigs Fly
Bob Sanchez
4+ star humorous crime fiction
Retired cop Mack Durgin used to bust perpetrators in Massachusetts, but now he’s widowed and living in Arizona. When a FedEx driver drops off an urn filled with his friend’s ashes at his front door, Mack reluctantly knows he must fulfill George Ashe’s final wish: to have his remains spread over the Grand Canyon. But Mack has no clue what lies hidden within the urn besides his friend’s ashes.

The Eye of the Beholder
Elizabeth Darcy
One 5 star rating, YA fantasy
I am a prisoner. Born to power, the world was my playground. My every wish was a kingdom’s command, my displeasure every man’s worst fear. But then, at the whim of a merciless enchantress, all was stolen from me. My once lavish castle became my dungeon. My once-handsome form became that of a beast. There is no hope of release from the prison of my own body, for the only way to break this curse is to earn the love of another.


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