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The Book of Rules: The Right Way to Do Everything
Joshua Belter
4 stars

Which way should the toilet paper be dispensed from the roll? Who goes first at an intersection in a grocery store? What is the proper placement of ketchup on a plate? When is it appropriate to dress your pet in clothes that match your own? If you’ve ever wondered about the answers to these vital questions, this is the book for you. Consult The Book of Rules to identify acceptable practices and procedures for any social situation you may encounter in your everyday life. With this book, you’ll learn:

how and when to tell someone they have bad breath
regulations on singing aloud with the car radio
what excessive hair twirling indicates
when power naps should be taken at work
how to terminate a too-long text message conversation
how to deter people who want to “taste” your food
when it is appropriate to look in a friend’s medicine cabinet, and much, much more….

Many everyday actions—while not illegal or immoral—are generally considered improper. With this book, you’ll never again be considered an uncivilized, clueless boor.


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