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june 15th
Lynn Mitchell
5 stars, time travel romance
Time travel, first love, surprise twists, hot guys, evil mother-in-law, taxidermy and an old journal that holds the key to both Elizabeth’s past and her future. You’ll find it all in June 15th.

Legacy (The Resonance Tetralogy)
Hugo Jackson
5 star epic fantasy
Legacy is character-driven epic fantasy action forged in an exciting and intricate plot that reaches deep into the Resonance world’s history. Sword and sorcery battles, magnificent flying ships, city sieges, gigantic metal fortresses and ancient secrets fuel the war on all sides, past and present. First in a series of four books by Hugo Jackson. Recommended for ages 14 and above.

Olympia Heights: The Pantheon
Amy Leigh Strickland
5 star contemporary fantasy/mythology
They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but for Zach Jacobs, that just isn’t true. It’s hard enough being seventeen– juggling school, football, friends, and teenage romance– but Zach’s about to find out just how complicated it can get when he begins to suspect that maybe he was the lightning. Teenage woes hardly seem significant when you’ve got lightning shooting from your fingertips and a couple of murderous Titans trying to settle an ancient score.

Chance Falls (Shades of Reality)
James Unger
5 star suspense
Chance Falls is a young adult fiction novel which explores the growing relationship between two high school students as they take a journey in a fast paced murder mystery. The only question is how can it be murder if no one is dead? In a gripping exploration of one’s mental stability, Chance Falls is an unforgettable leap into the unknown. Is it love? Is it a murder? Is it fate? You Decide!


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