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A Sahib’s Daughter – 2.99

A Sahib’s Daughter
Nina Harkness
5 star historical/literary fiction with romance

1946 England: Suffering from a broken heart, Charles Clarke travels to India as a tea planter. He is captivated by life in the plantations and falls in love with a local beauty.
Samira and Mark, grow up in post-Raj India where ‘mixed marriages’ are still frowned upon and British Sahibs very rarely marry Indian women. But it’s Samira’s heart that is broken following rejection of her by an Indian family.

Justin Laird, from Northern Ireland, visits the tea gardens and decides to move to India. He and his new wife undergo tests and a medical condition is diagnosed. He transfers to the Dooars three years later. Drama ensues when he meets the Clarke family. Samira acts hastily on the rebound from Ravi and makes a surprising discovery when she visits Ireland. Eventually she finds out the secret that had been kept from her.

In Delhi, Ravi is refusing to cooperate with his parents. Mark visits his old friend and arrives during the confusion following Ravi’s decision. He is successful in setting up a rendezvous. In a final twist we make yet another discovery about Samira’s heritage.


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