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Love, Like Dim Sum – A look at Life in Virtual Reality, FREE

Love, Like Dim Sum
Lea Tesoro
3+ stars

Virtual reality worlds are emerging as the next standard in social network platforms, adding a surprisingly powerful dimension to online communications and relationships. That extra dimension is creating strong emotional bonds between strangers – often unexpectedly – every day, all over the real world.

Because virtual reality is still in its infancy, we are learning much, not only about the technology, but also about the unique social aspects of virtuality and the consequences that result from them.

In “Love, Like Dim Sum,” Lea Tesoro (known in Second Life as Opal Lei) shares the lessons and insights that she gained from her personal experiences and observations as a resident of Second Life – relationship lessons that apply to romantic affairs or platonic friendships, personal connections or business contacts, virtual world or real world.

Whether you are a virtual world “oldbie” or “newbie,” even if you’ve never been inside a virtual world yet, and especially if your loved one spends time inside a virtual world, learn how virtual worlds are redefining relationships, identity, and even reality itself.


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