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Planet Pouch: Simple Juice Pouch Bags Anyone Can Make
Brooks Jones
5 stars
Keep dozens of juice pouches out of the landfill with these cute bag ideas. More than just a pattern book, Planet Pouch includes detailed, full-color (on supported devices) step-by-step instructions for creating three durable, colorful bags you can use to carry everything from towels to school supplies to tomorrow’s lunch. Upcycle those old juice pouches with style!

The Big Book Of Power Juices
Ravi Kishore
New release
The Top 10 juices to Weight Loss
Ultimate Power Juice to Alleviate Diabetes
Asthma-Busting Juices
The New Fountain of Youth ( Top Anti-aging Power Juices)
Best Power Juicing Recipes for Detoxification and Cleansing
Enhance Your Way to Energy and Stamina
Top Lower Blood Pressure Juices

The Snarky Guide To Cigars (The Snarky Books)
Tim Vasquez
New release
Continuing in the realm of snarkiness and information, this book about cigars is not like any other cigar book written! Consider it a book that every man and woman who can dish it out and take it will find fun to bag their friends on, like the subjects of How To Blow A Smoke Ring, How To Spot a Fake Cuban Cigar, How To Pick A Good Cigar, Are Drugstore Cigars Any Good and other killer subjects!

A Real Mom’s Travel Guide: Paris with Kids
Christina Monk
“Paris in a nutshell so you don’t go nuts” approach to travelling with your family from infants to teens.


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