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Earthcaching for Teachers (EarthCaching & EarthCaches) – FREE

Earthcaching for Teachers (EarthCaching & EarthCaches)
Porsche Targa

Earthcaching is a form of geocaching that allows students to explore nature while learning practical lessons about earthscience. Educators and others realize that the Earth itself offers its own natural treasures to uncover and endless opportunities for exploration, discovery, and learning.

The educational potential of earthcaching is not confined to science. Educators and parents can use earthcaching as a starting point for teaching other subjects, such as math, geography, history, computer science, and physical education. Exploring these subjects through earthcaching can help students develop a more complete understanding of the relationship between these disciplines.

We have selected 20 worldwide earthcaching sites which represent a cross-section of earthcaching’s geographic, cultural, and geologic diversity. They range from famous cultural sites like Stonehenge to remote earthcaches chosen for their beauty, special features, or educational value.


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