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Nonfiction FREEBIES!

These freebies come to you from our new Facebook page, NonfiKtion on the Cheap!

Lines of Fire: A Renegade Writes on Strategy, Intelligence, and Security
Ralph Peters
5 stars, 29.95 value!
For three decades, Ralph Peters has been the most provocative and visionary American writer on strategy, security, intelligence, and military affairs, predicting every major trend that has plagued the post-Cold-War world. A career military officer and acclaimed author, he has always faced the issues others shunned until it was too late.

The Best Book On How To Barefoot Run (Safe Preparation Strategies For Running Without Shoes)
Josh Leeger (Author), Charlie Reid (Author)
4+ stars
Personal fitness coach Charlie Reid, B.S., CSCS, CPT, and personal trainer and coach Josh Leeger, M.S., NASM-CPT, break down the details and benefits of barefoot running. Experience the joy, increased health, and fitness benefits of the increasingly popular trend of barefoot running. Our whole body fitness eBook integrates strength training and static stretching videos to increase overall functionality and vitality, and alleviate over-use injuries.

Digital Photography for the Rest of Us
Kathy Burns-Millyard
New release
Having a fancy expensive camera is fantastic, but it can still give you mediocre photos. And having a camera with lots of buttons doesn’t mean creating great shots has to be technical or difficult either.
This book is for everyone who loves to take photos, but doesn’t necessarily want to get a full-fledged college degree just to make them look great. It is specifically geared towards family photographers: those of you who always get recruited to take the pictures because you “have a great camera.”


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