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The Bear in a Muddy Tutu
Cole Alpaugh
5 star contemporary fiction
Lennon Bagg’s daughter has been stolen away by his ex-wife, and he’s just learned the newspaper he reports for is bankrupt. While on his final assignment, Bagg knocks a policeman unconscious to save the life of a runaway circus bear, and suddenly finds himself responsible for a band of stranded roustabouts who’ve pitched their tents on a small island along the New Jersey shore.

Under a Klondike Sky
Ava Wilson
New release historical fiction
Portland bookseller, Rosalie Evans, finds letters in an antique sewing box which describe Abigail Parker’s journey to the Klondike gold fields in 1898. The long trip by stagecoach and railway from central Oregon to Seattle is just the beginning of a story rich in detail with harrowing adventures and poignant love.

Letters To My Wife
Terry Dean
5 star contemporary fiction
Kevin is angry with God, with the world – with the unfairness of life. He has lost the one thing he loved most – his wife. But he has found a way to talk to his love. As he talks to her, in intimate conversations via the Internet, the world starts to eavesdrop. Soon the aging widower is reluctantly offering life lessons for the world (and his children) to hear.

Nan’s Story
Paige Farmer
5 star contemporary fiction
Nancy Elaine Bower (Nan to those who know her well) weathers a childhood overshadowed by her father’s alcoholism and mother’s martyrdom only to be thrust into an adulthood littered with landmines of self destruction. Each erratic decision she makes twists and contorts her life in unthinkable ways, until finally she’s left in a crumpled heap on her mother’s doorstep.

Golden State
Cynthia Hamilton
5 star contemporary fiction
After first dismissing the notion as absurd, Roxanne boldly takes the plunge into the character-ridden world of real estate, disregarding all cautioning about the state of the economy and the record foreclosures. What she discovers as she wades into shark-infested waters is a talent for negotiating and problem-solving, and an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed. Armed with an acerbic wit and the willpower to make a better life for herself and her son, Roxanne forges ahead despite all the obstacles and pitfalls, continually getting herself into one predicament after another. The more desperate her situation gets, the more determined she becomes, and the more she realizes her future lies solely in her own hands.


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