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If You Can’t Stand the Heat (Poppy Markham: Culinary Cop)
Robin Allen
4+ star cozy mystery
Poppy’s not sure if her dad will ever forgive her for leaving the family business to become a public health inspector–the most reviled figure in the restaurant industry–but when he asks her back into the kitchen to help out during the restaurant’s grand re-opening, she can’t refuse. Chaos ensues when the guest of honor, Michelin-rated chef Évariste Bontecou, is found stabbed to death with Ursula’s knife. Sacrebleu!

Lies of the Prophet
Ike Hamill
5 star suspense
Lynne’s new job seems simple enough. All she has to do is look at dead people and spot the ones who might come back to life. Ever since Gregory burst out of his cheap coffin at his own funeral, you can’t trust a corpse to stay dead. Lynne only has one problem—Gregory seems to think that she is going to bring the end of civilization, and he has the resources to track her down. Running for her life, Lynne meets up with two other women and the three set off to save the world.

Bryan Dunn
4+ star horror
A zany group of characters struggle to save their home after a genetically altered creeper vine invades a small desert town.

Murdock Cracks Ice (A Matt Murdock Murder Mystery)
Robert J. Ray
One 5 star rating, Mystery
A deadly killer has iced Rollie Nielsen, a smart college kid with a brain for chemistry, and his dad wants to know why. Enter Matt Murdock, a tough-and-tender PI who is willing to get his hands dirty in search of the truth.

The Saucy Lucy Murders: Book One in The Saucy Lucy series
Cindy Keen Reynders
4+ star cozy mystery
Hometown and family beckon Lexie when she can no longer tolerate her husband’s wandering eye. Bereft, she moves with her teenage daughter Eva back to Moose Creek Junction, Wyoming, to be near her sister Lucy and open a business—The Saucy Lucy Café. Lexie’s sister is a churchgoing woman who believes her sister must remarry in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, and suddenly, Lexie finds herself back in the dating pool. The trouble is, all of her dates wind up at Stiffwell’s Funeral Parlor—dead. Gossiping townspeople begin to mistrust the sisters while café customers and eligible men dwindle.

Yellow Horizon: War of the Auras (The Aura Series)
Jessica Acosta
Unrated newer release fantasy
Follow Jamie into her darkest moments. With revenge deftly playing in the center of her mind, she must come to terms with her new enemies. There is only one Aura left for her to discover, and with the help of her brother, the Australians, and the old, strangely familiar dragon called Talon, they must evade death over and over again.


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