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Would You Like A Slap With That? – FREE

Would You Like A Slap With That?: 30 Painfully-True Vignettes In The Life Of A Waiter
The Unsung Waiter
4 stars

From catering illustrious celebrity-fueled events to bouncing from table to table at a high-volume restaurant, “Slap” is an unflinching, humorous look into waiting tables. Savor 30 short & sweet vignettes of hospitality colliding with absurdity (which averages out to 40+ full pages).

Do you need to be a waiter / waitress to appreciate this? Not if you can laugh at yourself! For the love of preserving basic manners, anyone that isn’t offended by mild language should read this book.

➽ If you’re looking for breezy-filler, a heady / ego-stroking psych-analysis of the service industry, “Victorian” etiquette lessons, or you just want to take a stroll down memory lane through fluffy memoir–this book is NOT FOR YOU. Save your buck and use it to tip a hard-working bartender! (Please!) “Slap” is simply a book that goes straight for the cheek and delivers rude people their just desserts. Are you ready? Dig in …


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