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Augustus: Son of Rome
Richard Foreman
5 star historical fiction
‘Augustus: Son of Rome forges action and adventure with politics and philosophy. This superb story is drenched in both blood and wisdom – and puts Foreman on the map as the coming man of historical fiction’.
(Saul David, Author of the Zulu Hart series)

AN EYE FOR MURDER (The Ellie Foreman Suspense Mysteries)
Libby Fischer Hellmann
4+ star suspense
AN EYE FOR MURDER is the sequel to the author’s award-winning short story “The Day Miriam Hirsch Disappeared.” EYE was nominated for an Anthony Award for Best First when it was released; it also won the Best First Readers’ Choice Award.

The Unicorn’s Daughter
Norma Beishir
4 star romantic suspense
“Beishir pens a winner with this gripping thriller…she confidently builds to a revelatory and spellbinding finale.” — Publishers Weekly

David Kendrick
New release action/adventure
Reef is an eco-adventure set in New Zealand 2006. It follows the lives of four very different people, and what happens when an artificial surf reef is installed in Tauranga’s sacred Maori fishing waters.

Above His Station
Darren Craske
New release humor
As the new guard at Regal Street Underground station takes his post, he is unaware that something extraordinary has affected the entire population of London. Isolated on the station platform with no other person in sight, the guard is completely cut-off from the world above…until a foul-mouthed talking rat informs him that he is probably better off where he is, as chaos has broken loose on the streets.
EXPLICIT CONTENT: Just a friendly warning that this book contains swears, so not suitable for anyone under about 13 (yeah, right…)

Sharon Woods Hopkins
5 star suspense
“Feisty amateur sleuth Rhetta McCarter takes us along on a thrilling ride in her ’79 Camaro as she tries to stop a terrorist plot that could mean lights out for the country…and for Rhetta! An exciting, fast-paced thriller from a promising debut author.” Sharon Potts, award-winning author of In Their Blood and Someone’s Watching

In The Middle of the Third Planet’s Most Wonderful of Oceans (The Life and Times of a Hawaiian Tiki Bar #2)
Everett Peacock
4+ star Inspirational fiction
This book is a fun, humorous, ridiculous, thought-provoking, emotional hodge-podge of the zaniness which makes up each and every life, and it all manages to work back to its theme…Love.

The Walkers of Legend (The Walkers of Legend Series)
Miles Allen
5 star epic fantasy
The Walkers of Legend launches into an epic action fantasy series that will begin to unravel a fearsome and deeply endangered world, and one that holds a staggering ten-thousand year-old secret.

Song of the Orange Moons
Lori Ann Stephens
4+ star literary fiction
In their delicate and self-conscious journey to womanhood, all three search for identity and acceptance in a variety of places–a charismatic church, a Depression-era orphanage, a moonlit Savannah park, an orthodox Jewish boarding school–and end up finding lasting strength in the power of their friendship.

The Last Year In the Life of Marilyn Monroe, A Hidden History (The Last Year In the Life of Marilyn Monroe, The Hidden History, Volume 1)
Don O’Melveny
4 star historical mystery
“Giving voice to public icons is no easy task, but O’Melveny’s lines ring true, lending an air of credibility to every word spoken. This enjoyable … story will leave readers wanting to know more as they consider the line between fact and fiction.” Kirkus Reviews


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