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Nonfiction FREEBIES

CB Slanguage Language Dictionary – The Official (Including Cross Reference) (CB Radio Lingo)
Lanie Dills
5 stars
The “Official” CB Slanguage Language Dictionary is now available for Kindle readers. This New York Times Best Seller has sold over a million copies since its release and continues to be the standard reference for CB radio jargon.

Stick Play: A Beginner’s Guide to Knitting
Ashley Anderson
New release
Knitting is rich in techniques and methods, and there always seems to be new ways to do old tricks popping up in the very welcoming knitting community. This book will share those techniques and methods to get you on your way.

The Chess Master Mind – The Book of Chess Trivia, World Records, Puzzles and Facts
J. R. Morphy
One 5 star rating
Twelve sections with diagrams and photographs plus some of the most interesting and tricky chess puzzles known – all brought together with a linked (html) table of contents for the most pleasurable reading experience!

The Sassy Guide to Housekeeping
Denise Howard
Once in every generation, an author comes along who changes the way we look at the world. Denise Howard is not that author. She might change the way you look at your laundry, though, and that’s worth something. With equal parts humor and helpful hints, this short, sassy guide paves the way to a brighter day and a cleaner home, with plenty of chuckles along the way.

How to Build a Small A-Frame Greenhouse with PVC Pipe & Plastic Sheeting for Less than $50
Taylor Birch
5 stars
If you are looking for plans for a small, simple and inexpensive greenhouse or are just trying to decide if your garden could benefit from a greenhouse, this simple design is perfect for your first greenhouse.

Parenting Solo- A Guidebook for Busy Single Parents
Mary O’Connor
One 5 star rating, new release
Our motivation for writing this book is to help parents who are still struggling with the feelings associated with the loss, anger and chaos of the single parent life.
After two decades of working with divorced families we saw a very special need among single parents: they were lacking time to sit in solitude and reflect on problems and build a road map for their future. This is your time to be there for yourself and to take a few minutes or a few hours and to take care of your needs.


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